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Fun, Fur and Frolics

Cute Pug


A Stress-Free Experience

Your pet's happiness is our number one priority. We offer all grooming services from bathing to de-shedding and clipping for pet dogs. We  enjoy building relationships with our canine clients and strive to create new and amazing ways to make your dog think grooming is the best thing ever. 


Brightening the Home Alone Days 

Our enhancement visits service provides a convenient solution for pet owners who are away from home. We understand the importance of caring for elderly dogs that require medication or specialized attention while you are at work. We also offer engaging visits that involve fun games, such as nose work, to stimulate your furry companions mentally and physically. These activities provide much-needed relief for dogs who may be left alone for extended periods of time, ensuring they receive the care, companionship, and enjoyment they deserve.

Dalmatian Dog
Going for a Walk


The Best for Your Pet

Our dedicated staff work hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and happy. Our dog walking service offers flexibility and personalized options to cater to both owners and their beloved pets. You have the freedom to choose the preferred route for your dog's walk, ensuring they explore familiar or new surroundings based on their comfort and needs. For those seeking a more adventurous outing, we also offer half-day adventure walks, providing ample time for your dog to explore nature and enjoy a stimulating experience. Moreover, our walk and train program focuses on skill development, offering sessions dedicated to teaching important skills like loose leash walking and traffic safety.Whether it’s their first walking experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, your dog's well being is central to everything we do.


All your dog needs

Check out our store for grooming products, enhancement toys and groovy walk wear.

Dalmatian Dog
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